Clash with Facebook, new feature rollout of Twitter, find out everything | Twitter rolled out community feature like Facebook groups

Micro-blogging site Twitter has announced a new Community Feature as an alternative to Facebook’s popular Groups feature, where people can discuss a specific topic.

Facebook collision, Twitter's new feature rollout, know everything

Mumbai: Micro-blogging site Twitter has announced a new Community Feature as an alternative to Facebook’s popular Groups feature, where people can discuss a specific topic. The Twitter community will have its own moderators who will be able to set rules and invite or remove people. Twitter will invite some users to create the first community (group) and will allow anyone to apply to create their own group on their website. (Twitter rolled out community feature like Facebook groups)

The company said in a tweet that groups are created and run by people on Twitter, maybe you will too. For example, if you are interested in southern hemisphere or soup birds, you can start a community for it in the future. Twitter users can be invited to an early batch of communities, including Hestack Astrotwitter, Hestack Dog Twitter, Hestack Skin Care Twitter and Hestack Sole (a group for food sneaker enthusiasts).

Twitter will bring ‘soft block’ feature

Twitter has begun testing new privacy tools, including the option to remove followers without blocking them. According to The Verge, the Remove Follower feature is currently being tested on the web to certify soft tweet planning as the official Twitter tool. According to the tweet, users can remove followers from the list of followers on their profile page.

They can click on the three-dot menu next to the name of the followers, click on Remove Follower and their tweets will not automatically appear in the timeline. This is different from blocking someone, which prevents them from viewing your tweets and sending you direct messages, the report said. Twitter’s new Remove Follower feature has been added in the form of a button.

Previously, you could soft block someone to unfollow you without their knowledge, this is when you manually block and unblock someone. You’ll need to re-follow the followers you’ve removed to see your tweets on their timeline. If you have secure tweets, they will need your permission to follow them again.

Twitter’s Super Follow feature

Twitter recently launched its official Super Follow feature, which allows manufacturers on the platform to offer customers exclusive premium content. With Super Follow, people can fix a monthly subscription of 2. 2.99, 4. 4.99 or 9. 9.99 per month to monetize the bonus, Behind the Scene content for their busiest followers on Twitter. Currently, iOS users in the US and Canada can super follow selected accounts. It will be rolled out to people using iOS globally in the coming weeks.

Users can only share Super Follower tweets on iOS and Super Follower tweets can be viewed on Android and iOS. As a super follower, you can join conversations that only other users can see and reply to.

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(Twitter rolled out community feature like Facebook groups)


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