Gmail, Outlook users beware! Hackers are attacking with this new email scam Gmail, Outlook users hit by new email scams

Gmail, Outlook users beware!  Hackers are attacking with these new email scams

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Mumbai: Email scams are on the rise. Hackers and fraudsters are targeting users in a new way. Through email, scammers force users to click on malicious links and then steal their personal information. (Gmail, Outlook users hit by new email scams)

Gmail and Outlook users are being targeted in the latest email scam that has just surfaced. This mail is claimed to have come from a supermarket and users are forced to click on a link. Clicking on the link can cause users to lose money, private data, or both.

Popular email service Gmail and Outlook customers are being targeted by this email. In emails, customers are shown the lure of rewards. It says that with these gift cards, they can shop from the store. To claim these gift cards, scammers ask users to take short surveys. Or users are asked to fill in their information.

Users who click on this link are taken to the website. However, after participating in the survey and filling in the information, users realize that it was a fake mail. Users get nothing from this survey. Users, on the other hand, lose their own data by participating in the survey. Hackers deceive users by stealing their data or getting it directly.

According to Express UK, the first such scam was reported in June. Through this, scammers get users’ login details and other information. To avoid this, users are not advised to click on links in any unknown mail.

In addition, users are advised not to open any unknown attachments. It is also advised not to enter your own information or share private details on any unknown website.

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(Gmail, Outlook users hit by new email scams)


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