Is it right or wrong to talk on the phone while the mobile is charging?

Don’t talk on the phone while the mobile is charging, yes, that’s right. Not only that, you don’t even have to handle the phone.

Is it right or wrong to talk on the phone while the mobile is charging?

Mumbai : Don’t talk on the phone while the battery of the mobile is charging, yes, that’s right. Not only that, at that time you should not play games on it or even handle the mobile. This is because when the phone is charging, it is connected to an electrical appliance in your home, which means that electricity flows through your electrical board into a device that is basically an electrical receiver. (speaking on phone while charging Is right or wrong?)

When your mobile is being charged, the electrical pressure emitted from the electrical board flows not only to the battery of the mobile but also to some extent to the top of the mobile. Mobile is a kind of magnet, so when your mobile is charged, a kind of electromagnetic field is created in it, which also causes slight vibrations in the phone.

Definitely try this experiment

If you do not believe the above information then try an experiment. When your phone is engaged for charging, lift it lightly with one hand without taking it in hand as usual and rub it gently on the other hand or on the back of the lower hand, or gently move your fingers on the back of the phone (on the rear panel). Light vibrations are forming in it while going. This is the electromagnetic field that we perceive as a wave.

May explode

Now, if you start using an object that is basically electrifying and it is receiving electricity, then that electric wave starts to increase even more. Do you know what happens when the waves on the earth get too fast? The same thing happened with that battery. That is, to explode.

Another important point is that if someone gets a call while the phone is charging, the phone comes while the electrifying object is actually receiving electricity, which means that even from space, electric waves are attracted to the phone again through the company’s tower. This means that the pressure on the phone’s battery increases again. Similarly, if you pick up the phone, the pressure increases too much.

Risk of radiation

Not only that, but there is a risk of radiation through the phone. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. When you come in contact with such radiation, electric pressure and radiation can cause a very severe shock to the nerves in your brain and cause them to rupture.

Even then, your mobile phone is always in your hand, close to your face, and similarly, if the electric pressure on the phone increases, the battery may rupture and cause serious harm to your body, not only that, but also the life may be lost. Therefore, it is very important to avoid using the phone until the phone is fully charged.

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(Is it Dangerous to Talk on Phone While its Charging?)

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