Phhhoto app’s lawsuit against Meta, alleging copying of special feature | Facebook sued by defunct photo app Phhhoto for copying its main feature for Instagram

Phhhoto app sued for meta, alleging copying of a special feature


Mumbai: A photo app has accused Facebook of copying its features for Instagram. Instagram competitors have filed a no-confidence motion against Meta (formerly known as Facebook) for cloning their feature and breaching competition. This is not the first anti-Facebook lawsuit. The social media company has been accused of suppressing competition several times before. (Facebook sued by defunct photo app Phhhoto for copying its main feature for Instagram)

The Phhhoto app allows users to capture five frames in a single point-and-shoot burst, create and share short GIF-like videos. You know about this feature because it’s like Instagram’s very famous boomerang feature. This is one of the most used features now. But most importantly, this feature is not created by Facebook. Phhhoto has accused Facebook of copying its feature for Instagram and presenting it to users as a ‘boomerang’. According to The Verge, the company alleges that Facebook blocked Phhhoto from Instagram’s API.

What did Phhoto say in the complaint?

“The actions of Facebook and Instagram have destroyed Phhoto as a viable business and destroyed the company’s investment prospects,” Phhoto said in a complaint filed in U.S. District Court on Thursday. This attitude of Facebook caused Phhoto to fail. Facebook’s attitude prevented Phhoto from becoming a social networking giant.

Phhhoto app launched in 2014

The Phhhoto app was launched in 2014 but it did not last long in the market. This app was discontinued in 2017. The app claims to have 3.7 million monthly active users in its early days. The app had several veteran users, including Beyonc,, Joe Jonas, Chrissy Tegan and Bella Hadid. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and former Instagram CEO Kevin Sistrom downloaded the app and tested its features, the report said.

Phhoto is now seeking compensation from Meta. However, a Meta spokesman told The Verge that the lawsuit filed by Phhoto is without merit and the company will defend itself in court.

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(Facebook sued by defunct photo app Phhhoto for copying its main feature for Instagram)


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