PUBG’s boom in India, breaking all records in 2 weeks, FAU-G also behind | Battlegrounds Mobile India Crosses 20 Million Pre-Registrations; Krafton Thanks India For Positive Response

Pubji Mobile India Avatar is a new history of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

PUBG hits India, breaks all records in 2 weeks, FAU-G lags behind

Pubg Battlegrounds Mobile India

Mumbai : On the backdrop of India-China tension, the central government dealt a major blow to China a few months ago. The central government had banned 118 Chinese apps in India, including the popular gaming app PUBG. Meanwhile, the Pubji game is set to return to India, it has been sealed. The game will be launched in India soon under a new name. The company has shared a trailer of the game on YouTube. The game is now available for pre-registration on the Google Play Store. (Battlegrounds Mobile India Crosses 20 Million Pre-Registrations; Krafton Thanks India For Positive Response)

Pubji Mobile India Avatar is a new history of Battlegrounds Mobile India. The game has received 20 million pre-registrations on the Google Play Store in just 2 weeks. “We are delighted to see this performance of the upcoming Battle Royale game,” Krafton said in a statement. Pre-registration for the game began May 18. The company had enlisted the help of Bollywood actor Arshad Warsi for the promotion of the game.

FAU-G also behind

According to Crofton, Battlegrounds Mobile India received 7.6 million pre-registrations on its first day. This is a quarter of the total pre-registrations so far. In terms of pre-registrations received in one day, Pubji is far ahead of the game Fauji. The FAU-G game received 1 million pre-registrations in one day. Currently, Indian users are very excited about this game.

When will it launch?

Meanwhile, there has been talk for the past few days that the game will be launched in India on June 10. But the launch date of this game is likely to be postponed a bit. Abhijeet Andhare, popularly known as Ghatak, tweeted that Battlegrounds Mobile India will be launched in the third week of next month. So there is talk that the game could launch between June 13 and June 19.

Ghatak is the coach of Team Solomid and also has his own YouTube channel. Some reports also say that Battleground Mobile India could be launched on June 18. The game is more likely to launch on the same day, as pre-registration was started last month from this date.

The game cannot be played without parental permission

“Gamers who are under the age of 18 will have to provide their parents’ contact number,” Krafton said in his privacy policy document. This means that these children will not be able to play Pubji games without giving the contact number of the parents. They will not be able to sign up for this game. Only with parental permission can these children sign up for a Pubji game.

But the company’s biggest concern here is whether the phone number that gamers will give is correct. Because any user can cheat the company by giving anyone’s phone number. In that case, there is no word on what the company thinks.

New game exclusively for Indians

Also, the game will have its own sport ecosystem equipped with tournaments and leagues. The game will be available for free on mobile devices. Meanwhile, it is being said that Battlegrounds Mobile India will be launched only in the Indian market at present. This means that this game will be exclusively for Indians. This game will be available for pre-registration before launch. The manufacturers have given it a tri-color theme so that Indian users will be attracted to it.

Users’ data is secure

Before the game launches, the company has made it clear that the gamer’s data will not be sent anywhere and will be completely secure. At the same time the company will follow all the important guidelines of the government. This will include data privacy and user security. The game was banned in India for the same reason last September.

Great gameplay

Meanwhile, PUBG Corporation has said that our new gaming app will provide maximum security and great game play to the users. The company will set up a subsidiary to facilitate communication with Indian players. The company will also employ 100 employees in India. For this, the company will start local offices in some places in India. The company will offer gaming services with local business in India.

Krafton Inc (PUBG Corporation’s parent company) has announced a 100 million investment in India. The investment will be in the entertainment, local games, e-sports and IT industries. According to PUBG Corporation, this is the largest investment by any Korean company in India.

According to some media reports, PUBG Corporation has updated and advanced their gaming content to provide a better experience to Indian players. The new game has been customized as per the wishes and demands of Indian players.

How did the Pubji game come about?

Pubg is a game inspired by a Japanese movie ‘Battle Royale’. In the film, the government forcibly sends a group of students to fight to the death. This game is based on the same thing.

The game was developed by Bluehole, a South Korean video game company. The company had created a desktop version of this game. However, the Chinese company Tenncent made some changes and launched a mobile version of the game. The mobile version gained more popularity worldwide than the desktop version. The game was the most successful in India. About 25 per cent of the world’s publishers are from India, 17 per cent from China and 6 per cent from the US. The game has been downloaded by over 60 million people worldwide.

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(Battlegrounds Mobile India Crosses 20 Million Pre-Registrations; Krafton Thanks India For Positive Response)

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