Use public WiFi? Then remember these things; Your account may be hacked Know about hi risk of using public WiFi, your phone can be hacked

Use public WiFi?  Then remember these things;  Your account may be hacked

Use public WiFi? Then remember these things

New Delhi: The use of smartphones (public wifi) has increased so much that today everyone has a smartphone in their hand and you can’t live without a phone for a while. The biggest reason for this is the internet. With mobile internet, you can search for anything at any time. On the Internet, you get all the information, big or small. At the same time, free Wi-Fi is now being provided everywhere due to internet usage. (Internet Service) With the help of public WiFi you can use free internet without spending mobile data. But did you know that taking public WiFi service can be dangerous for you? Because hackers can hack your phone through public wifi.

You get free internet service in public wifi but using free internet can be heavy for you. Hackers keep an eye on smartphones connected to public WiFi and they can hack your smartphone. Hackers can then track your activities. In such a situation, your personal data is in danger of being stolen.

Your smartphone may be hacked

Sometimes hackers use it as an island with WiFi open. As soon as you connect to a public WiFi phone without a password, hackers enter your smartphone’s MAC address and IP address into the router. The data is then transferred in the form of packets and hackers can intercept these packets and check your browsing history. Hackers can easily block visible traffic through network sniffing. According to reports so far, routers with WEP security are the easiest to hack. You will get WEP in the old router. But now it has defaulted. After that WiFi is a little harder to hack. There are a few things to keep in mind if you are using public WiFi.

Take special care of these things

– When using public WiFi, turn off all sharing first.
– Before connecting to public WiFi, make sure the name under which the WiFi service is being provided.
– Do not connect to automatic WiFi by mistake, it is better to check before connecting to public WiFi.
– If you have provided an email ID to use public WiFi, use the unique password key in it.
– Never make any transactions while using public WiFi. Because hackers can hack your personal information. (Know about hi risk of using public WiFi, your phone can be hacked)

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