What’s the difference between Google Drive and OneDrive?

Most of you don’t know the difference between Google Drive and One Drive. (difference between Google Drive and OneDrive)

What's the difference between Google Drive and OneDrive?

Google Drive and OneDrive

Mumbai : Most of us use Google Drive or One Drive. But very few people know the difference between the two. For those who don’t know the difference between Google Drive and One Drive, this is the news. (What is the difference between Google Drive and OneDrive?)

Google Drive is a product owned by Google. One Drive is a product owned by Microsoft. One of the similarities between the two is that you can save any online documents. Both also have cloud storage services.

To use Cloud Storage, you need to log in to Google Drive with your Google Account. So to use this service in One Drive, you need to log in with a Microsoft account.

Use of One Drive due to Windows OS

Also, you will see One Drive more in laptops or computers. Because laptops / computers have Microsoft’s Windows OS system, they recommend using One Drive. Google Drive is also widely used. When you open a file or document on your mobile, you get Google Drive option.

Differences in storage

There is not much difference between the two. Google Drive lets you use up to 15GB of online storage. One Drive uses 5GB of online storage. If you want to increase this storage, you can buy their Business Plan.

Google Photos will be charged from June 1

This is important news for you if you save your photos and videos on Google Photos. Because now you have to pay to use Google Photos. The company also sent an e-mail to all its users six months ago stating that any photos you upload to the Google Photos app will count in the 15 GB storage space provided with your account.

The mail further states that from June 1, 2021, all new photos and videos saved in high quality will be counted in the 15GB storage space available with the Google Account or in the additional storage space you purchased. The company has also decided to count Google Photos Space, along with other Google services such as Google Drive and Gmail. Therefore, Google’s unlimited storage offer, which has been running for the last several years, will no longer exist from May 31, 2021.

This is a new policy for users who are not active on Google. The company has already made it clear that the new policy will also apply to those who cross the storage capacity limit on Gmail, Drive (Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, Forms and Jamboard Files).

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